Predictive Battery Maintenance

Test motive batteries just twice annually with the BatteryTest MCBA Battery Analyzer

  • Reduce battery costs by 25-35% or more
  • Optimize productivity and reduced down time
  • Make sound budget decisions on battery replacements and repairs while under warranty
  • Identify faulty batteries causing premature equipment failure
  • Go green with reduced electricity consumption


BatteryTest MCBA Battery Analyzer

The BatteryTest MCBA is much more than a testing device; it is a total battery management system. It provides simple, accurate, automated testing for motive (forklifts, AGV, GSE, lift-truck and rail) battery performance and efficiency. Test multiple batteries simultaneously, create reports and maintain records on battery health.

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Digital Hydrometer

Measures specific gravity levels and temperature readings for an entire industrial battery (12-90 cells) at just six seconds per cell and stores results for automated reporting.

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Predictive Maintenance Program.

Save 25-35% on battery budgets, get "green" electricity savings and increase productivity with the ONLY automated motive battery capacity-test program.

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Get More From Your Battery Investment.

Automated battery testing pays for itself in just one year while reducing operating costs and labor hours.