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BatteryTest Equipment, Co., Ltd., is part of the TOSS Machine Components family of companies, headquartered in Nazareth, PA.


TOSS The Optimum Sealing System

TOSS - The Optimum Sealing System

Toss Machine Components Inc. can provide you with perfect heat seals every time with a custom-designed control system. Whether you are designing a new sealing or packaging machine or retooling an existing one, Toss can provide the solution. Save time and cost with TOSS Technology.


TOSS Pneumatic

TOSS Pneumatic Linear Ball Slides

Pneumatic linear ball slides are designed to actuate or carry loads to a predetermined destination or to provide pressing, pushing, pulling or stamping power. This robust, air-actuated, accurately guided call slide is superior in its durability and reliability. Driven by an internal double acting air cylinder(s) that advance and retract the upper mounting block on ball bearings, this unit will move or carry heavy top loaded or cantilevered loads.



PackworldUSA Heat Sealing Machines

PackworldUSA manufactures a full line of Medical Pharmaceutical Impulse Heat Sealing Equipment. From bench top models to floor standing machines, PackworldUSA guarantees perfect seals every time and all PackworldUSA heat sealers employ the advanced TOSS Heat Sealing Technology.


Predictive Maintenance Program.

Save 25-35% on battery budgets, get "green" electricity savings and increase productivity with the ONLY automated motive battery capacity-test program.

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Get More From Your Battery Investment.

Automated battery testing pays for itself in just one year while reducing operating costs and labor hours.